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Kulgi nature education camp is situated in the very beautiful tracts of forests of Sahyadri hills. It is 12km away from Dandeli towards Ambikanagar. Kulgi Nature Education Camp is established in 1998 with an objective of development on ecotourism strategy, to offer an environmental education opportunities to national and international visitors and also to create local employment for surrounding communities so that economic conditions of people should improve. The undulating streams, Whispering bamboos, magnificent teak and rose wood trees, diverse wildlife and innumerable trekking trails make it a dream destination. River Kali and its tributaries, Kaneri and Nagzari, meander through the moist deciduous and semi-evergreen forests. Kulgi forests also play host to the graceful Vincholli Rapids, Nagzari View Point, Kavala Caves i.e. stalagmite “Shivalinga” called Kavaleshwara and Sykes point which offers a stunning view of the Kali Valley and its meandering.

Existing Infrastructure

Kulgi Nature Education Camp has very good living facilities to visitors like Kulgi Timber Trail Camp which has 8 Log houses, 1 Suit and also Camouflage colored 10 deluxe tents with one large dormitory and 1 Nagzari hall. Apart from this there is an interpretation center which serves objective of environmental education and also well equipped with conference hall that caters all the needs of students and nature lovers. Three dining halls with very good kitchens which caters palatable and very tasty food in reasonable rates.

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