Kavala cave

The kavala-caves_400_300(Kavaleshwar Temple) is located opposite the Nagzari Power House near Ambikanagar (40 Kms from Haliyal) on the ridge of top hill amidst thick forest surroundings. It is the outcome of a combination of stalactite and stalagmite, which has resulted in an upward growing conical formation on the floor formed due to the dripping from the roof rock. This is locally called “Shivalinga”.

Interpretation centre

The Interpretation hall at Kulgi Nature Camp has facility for interpreting various aspects regarding insects. The Centre for Environment and Education (CEE) is working on panels, dioramas and interactive boards of Large Mammals, birds, Importance of wildlife conservation, etc. An attempt has also been made to sculpturally depict the lifestyle and culture of Gowli, a local buffalo rearing community.

River rafting

WHITE WATER RIVER RAFTING is an ADRENALIN PUMPING water sport of great experience, unique to DATR

Wilderness camps

Wilderness / Nature camps with tented accommodation provide not only wilderness experience but also serve the purpose of nature education and awareness amongst the local people and students. In principle cheap accommodation and catering facilities are provided, so that all sections of the society are able to access the facilities.
In DATR Kulgi, Anshi, Castle Rock nature camps the nature and adventurous activities like Nature treks, Trails, Bird Watching, Botanizing, Wildlife Viewing, Mountain Biking etc. are being carried out.

Jungle ride

The fauna includes Carnivores like Tiger, Leopard, Black Panther, Wild dog, Jackal, Golden cat, Leopard cat and herbivores like Elephant, Gaur, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Barking deer, Mouse deer, Sloth Bear, Langoor, Indian Giant Squirrel, Pangolin, lories etc.,

Bird watching

Recently conducted faunal survey indicated the presence of more than 270 bird species belonging to 45 families of which 19 species are endemic.
Dandeli can be turned into a potential destination for bird watchers.

Syntheri rock

The famous Syntheri Rock is situated within 14kms from Kulgi Nature Camp. It is an attractive monolithic rock about 90 m. height, which has many crevices caused by the water current.
In fair season one can see hundreds of bee-hives on the said rock and bees hovering in the area. On the left bank there are some rare species of trees which provide shade. In summer one can cross the river and reach the rock on the right side bank. This spot where the river takes a queer bend is enchanting.


Trekking is a recreational, educational and conservation oriented outdoor activity consisting of walking along designated trails. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary has got many trekking routes. Each route is quite unique and exciting.

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